Writing is a gift

The Rosetta Stone has become the symbol for the unlocking of knowledge and the history of the word. Montblanc’s new collection symbolises a worldwide bond with six very special written characters incorporated into the design of its limited edition writing instruments, leather goods, jewellery and watches, in support of the Unicef literacy and education programme.

The same passion for writing that gave rise to Montblanc 110 years ago is given expression in the idea that writing is a valuable gift that has the power to change the world. While it is every child’s right to learn to read and write, many children do not have access to basic education. Montblanc reaffirms its long-standing support for Unicef’s education and literacy programmes –  a partnership that began in 2004 – with this new collection, each piece decorated with a blue sapphire and design inspired by the alphabet, as a celebration of writing as a power that promotes good.

The purpose of Montblanc’s partnership with Unicef is to help more than 5 million children with their education. The money collected through this initiative will help Unicef to raise the quality of national education standards covering pedagogy, reading and writing, the learning environment, community involvement, infrastructure, and learning outcomes. In addition, the money will be used for training programmes for teachers, and also for counselling and other aids to ensure that teachers have the knowledge necessary for delivering quality education.

Montblanc Unicef jewellery collection

Under the Unicef banner, Montblanc has also announced elegant jewellery for men and women. More than just a declaration of style for elegant individuals, the bracelets and cufflinks have a special meaning in that they lend support to the attempts that the gift of writing gives to children who do not have access to quality education.

One of the outstanding pieces in the jewellery collection for men is the rectangular reversible cufflink that allows the wearer to choose between sophisticated, elegant black onyx on one side and engraved silver on the other.

As a reflection of the Montblanc Meisterstück Writing is a Gift collection, the steel is engraved with six handwritten characters representing the first letters of the six world alphabets that children learn. On one side of the cufflink a single blue sapphire is a subtle reference to the partnership with Unicef. Round steel cufflinks with a blue resin inlay reflect the blue resin used in the writing instrument collection.

The Montblanc emblem is engraved in the middle of the polished stainless steel circle. A bracelet made of intricately woven blue leather, which is both masculine and sophisticated, complements the men’s jewellery collection.

The women’s jewellery is inspired by the unending power of love and friendship. The Infiniment Vôtre bracelets are a celebration of the impulse that urges people on to help one another. Intricate curves of sterling silver form a design without beginning or end, symbolising the eternal nature of love and friendship. In one edition of the bracelet, the symbol is used together with a sterling silver chain and decorated with a single blue sapphire, while a bent form set in a woven cord in two shades of blue in the second edition represents the special relationship between Montblanc and Unicef. The bracelets are feminine and playful and an expensive declaration of the good that can be achieved through collaboration and harmony.

Montblanc Meisterstück: Writing is a gift

The new collection takes the Meisterstück, the most iconic writing instrument, and gives it a new design inspired by the Rosetta Stone. It was the key that opened the hieroglyphs and the understanding of ancient cultures and civilisations through its multilingual inscriptions, but this ancient artefact was also one of the first signs of international co-operation and understanding. The diversity of world languages is represented in the design of the new collection by six characters. These fine handwritten characters are the first that children learn at school in six different languages from all over the world: the Roman ‘A’, the Chinese character for ‘you’, the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, the Japanese vowel ‘a’, a combination of the first Korean consonant and vowel, and the first Hindu character that children learn.

The classic and elegant Meisterstück Writing is a Gift Precious Resin edition comes with a top and barrel in the familiar Meisterstück polished black resin that contrasts with the writing instrument’s platinum-plated decorations. The tip of the top is engraved with the first six letters of the world’s six most-used alphabets, a symbolic reference to the early phases of education when children learn the first characters. Beside the letters that encircle the top, is a single blue sapphire that commemorates the link between Montblanc and Unicef. The two-coloured AU 585 gold handmade pen nib with the Montblanc emblem rounds off the writing experience. It is available in the LeGrand fountain pen, LeGrand rollerball, Midsize ballpoint and the smaller Classique fountain pen, Classique rollerball pen and Classique ballpoint, with every writing instrument decorated with the Montblanc emblem. The Meisterstück Writing is a Gift Doué Classique edition combines the elegant classicism of the traditional expensive black resin barrel with a metal top decorated with a mosaic of alphabet characters. Available in the Classique fountain pen with a rhodium plated AU 750 gold pen point, Classique rollerball pen and Classique ballpoint, each show the six characters that encircle the tip of the pen top, enriched with the distinctive single sapphire in Unicef blue.

The classic black gives way to graceful blue for the Meisterstück Writing is a Gift Solitaire edition, with the top and barrel decorated with an elegant design created from the characters engraved on a blue lacquer background alternating with fine silver colour lines. The Blue Solitaire edition comes with a substantial 1,0mm sapphire set in the top and comprises the LeGrand fountain pen with two-coloured Au 750 gold handmade pen nib as well as a LeGrand rollerball pen and Ballpoint Midsize.

Montblanc Unicef leather goods collection

The Montblanc Meisterstück Selection Unicef is an elegant combination of simple leather and pressed leather with subtle geometric designs. The design on the blue lining in each piece comprises the first six characters of the six different languages that children over the whole world learn and includes Roman, Arabic, Korean, Hindu, Japanese, and Chinese characters.

From large leather bags to small leather purses, all the pieces are finished off with a touch of Unicef blue, decorated in the linings with handwritten character motifs in acknowledgement of the partnership that has collected millions for educational programmes worldwide since 2004. The briefcase is an ideal business companion with a clever storage space and comfortable handle. Designed for city use, the Backpack combines the elegant appearance of fine black leather with a large front pocket in pressed leather. Ideally suited for an exploratory trip in the city or to carry portable technology safely, the backpack provides optimal comfort with its padded straps. Halfway between a business and leisure environment, the Messenger is a stylish addition to any luggage collection. Five purses in varying sizes, from a small purse with room for six credit cards to a large rectangular purse with a zip right around it, are all finished off with blue lining. Small leather accessories include a pocket credit card holder, key holder, business card and passport holder and belt with the Montblanc emblem to finish. To complete the collection, Montblanc has created a pen pocket with a zip to protect the owner’s Montblanc writing instruments.

Montblanc Unicef Augmented Paper

As a commemoration of the partnership between Montblanc and Unicef, which promotes children’s rights all over the world, the Maison has released a special Unicef blue ink in a glass bottle or in ink cartridges and as refills for rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. A ruled notebook with a relief cover printed with the characters complements the pens of the Montblanc Writing is a Gift experience. The design theme has also been placed on the Augmented Paper that combines the pleasure of writing on genuine paper with the effectiveness of digitalisation through the medium of ready-made technology so that it can be organised and shared. The elegant leather envelope organiser of Augmented Paper has become blue with six handwritten characters in relief on the internal cover.

Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum watches

The Montblanc and Unicef partnership is renewed with two limited edition Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum watches, which celebrate the art of writing with two different dials that reproduce the Latin alphabet and the Chinese characters. The watches show the time in 24 different time zones in an intuitive way thanks to a world-time complexity developed by Montblanc’s master watchmakers.

The dials of the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum watches are constructed in various layers and begin at the main sapphire crystal disc, which shows the continents as seen from the North pole, and also the names of the 24 cities that represent the different time zones. A second disc shows the change from day to night by using dark blue for the night through grades of yellow to green for the day. This disc also includes the 24-hour circle that shows the different times in the 24 cities.

The Unicef special editions represent the codes of quality watchmakers in every detail with 41mm cases of polished stainless steel, refined straight lines, vertical sides with horizontal satin finish that fully contrasts with the polished case, a thin round bezel, non-reflective rounded sapphire crystal, subtly curved arms, faceted hands in the classic dauphine form, and
a crown with the Montblanc emblem in relief.

The two watches in the series are limited to 500 pieces each and decorated with the Unicef logo on the back of the case. They have alligator straps inspired by Unicef’s unique blue.

The Montblanc Unicef collection is available at Montblanc boutiques worldwide. For further information, visit Montblanc.com

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