Matsidiso’s name is derived from Sotho, one of the native South African languages, meaning ‘comfort or peace after difficulty’. The name has great significance to our team, and speaks on the resilience of South Africa, one of the most determined countries with an unwavering ability to find its way through hardship. The name Matsidiso is fitting of our brand because our one-of-a-kind handmade shoes are built to last, made for comfort, and meant to bless everyone that the shoes pass through (our local suppliers, our shoe crafters and of course, our customers!).

Beyond bringing new styles to the market, Matsidiso has a social and environmental responsibility. Our goal is to empower and enrich the lives of our workers and those within our community…and beyond!

Through a purchase of Matsidiso shoes, the buyer in connected to a community that extends past a simple transaction. 5% of profits from each shoe sold with go back into aiding our workers to live a life with a greater standard of living. Afterall, without our amazing employees, who are we?

Matsidiso is on a mission to build on a better South Africa, bit by bit.

Further, Matsidiso is dedicated to recycling as much of our materials as possible as our vow to keep our Earth clean.

The journey that a handcrafted shoe takes on is not simple. It is by the will of the maker that they are so carefully and perfectly shaped and lasted. To have a pair of handmade shoes is a gift. And through the term Matsidiso, we want to bless as many feet that wear them.

Handmade shoes bring people back to people. Making shoes by hand is an artisan craft, and the art of craftsmanship and community has been lost is a world of quick-fix manufacturing.

With each pair purchased, we will be able to ACTUALLY impact the life of someone else in a positive way.

Matsidiso is much more than just a shoe. It is a conversation starter, a community builder, a companion, and a family.


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