In DEKATv’s episode 13, chef Forti Mazzone shared his father, Giovanni’s, delicious secret prawn recipe with etiquette guru, Koos Louw.

Try this one at home during the lockdown.

This recipe serves 1 as a main course or two as a starter.

– 6 de-veined tiger prawns
– 100g of my father Giovannis formerly secret garlic butter (butter with a drop of Worcester sauce, chopped garlic, dollop of tomato ketchup, handful of chopped flat-leaf parsley , Black pepper mashed together……yes I know what you are thinking but try it. It tastes superb and will save many a dull dish)
– A cupful of pulped tomato
– A glass of good white dry wine
– Half a lemon
– Chopped garlic steeped in olive oil
– Extra virgin olive oil
– 2 diced green chillis in olive oil. (optional)



Butterfly the prawns and lay out soldier style on a steel oval tray. Add little dabs of garlic butter over the prawns. Drizzle the prawns with the wine, lemon juice and sprinkle over the garlic in olive oil quite generously. Season the prawns with Maldon salt. Fleck the prawns with the pulped tomatoes and cook in a very hot oven until the prawns turn pink and the shells have a nice crispy edge.
Serve with cooked rice tossed in fresh cream and parmesan for a superb cholesterol bomb.