Montblanc’s annual Black & White Week event, hosted at African Pride Hotel, Melrose Arch, earlier this month to present a special preview of the luxury Maison’s new launches for 2019,  was once again a top-notch affair, enthralling both VIP guests and media representatives.

The luxury Maison showcased the latest editions in its vintage inspired 1858 timepiece collection, as well as its state-of the-art writing instruments, leather, and jewellery & accessory categories, which had the guests in awe.

In an interview with DEKAT, Alain Dos Santos, Regional Managing Director of Montblanc Africa, explained that the Montblanc 1858 collection pays tribute to Montblanc Minerva’s manufacture in Switzerland and its extraordinary 161-year heritage. “This makes it truly special.”

Alain Dos Santos, Regional Managing Director of Montblanc Africa

The name 1858 refers to the year that the manufacturer was founded, with each timepiece in the collection capturing the spirit of the past in a modern way and expressing the current trend of re-connecting with nature and the appeal of outdoor lifestyle pursuits.

The Montblanc timepieces of today continue the journey of Minerva’s over 160-year legacy. This year marks the arrival of four new 1858 editions in an elegant pairing of green and bronze that captures the spirit of the great outdoors, as well as a new Automatic version in steel, and a brand new Split Second Chronograph inspired by the Minerva Chronographs of the 1930s.

The distinctive 1858 Geosphere has not only become a signature timepiece for Montblanc, but also an immediately recognisable reference for the watch world.  Dedicated to the world’s Seven Summit mountaineering challenge, the holy grail of mountaineering adventures, the Geosphere is now available in the bronze/khaki colour scheme and created to inspire us to explore life to the fullest.

Two new versions of the 1858 Automatic have been introduced to the collection; one with a 40mm full bronze case paired with a khaki-green dial, and one with a steel case and black dial.  The new 1858 Chronograph comes with a 42mm full bronze case with khaki-green dial, providing an ideal backdrop for the bicompax counters.

Dos Santos believes the latest collections will meet the expectations of its entire clientele. “We have traditionalists, collectors and clients looking for new trends, and we have connected devices, augmented paper and writing instruments for the younger clients.

Even though Montblanc is dominating the market for exclusive writing instruments, the manufacturer will never rest on its laurels. “We are capable of launching creative novelties every year. For example, we are now also a strong player worldwide in leather goods for men. And besides the launch of our Montblanc 1858 collection, this year will also see the launch of the 4810 collection (the height of Mont Blanc) for younger travellers.

Dos Santos believes the reason for Montblanc’s ongoing success in the competitive luxury market, is the fact that the manufacturer is completely in touch with its clients and their needs. “You must know your clients. If you know your clients, you are in contact with them, you listen to them. This is something we are good at…we have a historical Maison with this capacity to adapt to the new generation and to deliver the exact product they expect in terms of the creativity, quality and price. I believe these factors make Montblanc consistent and pertinent for the demand of the market today.

“Montblanc’s 1858 Collection is without doubt the showpiece of this year’s event, and the immediate appeal it has enjoyed in this first preview has been exciting. We are privileged, throughout Africa, to be able to experience the beauty of nature and feel connected to the earth even when we’re in the city.  Both these elements have inspired this collection, so the fact that there has been immediate resonance with all the 1858 models is quite understandable,” Dos Santos pointed out.

The Montblanc 1858 Collection and the other new collections presented during Montblanc Black & White Week, are available at all Montblanc boutiques throughout Africa.  For further information, visit: