In Episode 2 on DEKATv, Chef Forti visited Chef Stavros at As Greek as it Gets, and they prepared this easy bean salad.
It is easy and tasty. Enjoy!
2 x 400g butter beans
1 x red pepper (diced)
1 x green pepper (diced)
6 x spring onions (cleaned & diced)
1 x cup fresh roughly chopped mint
1 x cup roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley
1 x celery stalk chopped and de-stringed (stem & leaves)
2 x T  fresh origanum
1 x T dry origanum
2 x lemons (juice & zest)
2 x cloves garlic (stem removed)
1 x red onion (finely sliced)
1 x half cup of extra virgin olive oil
Place all ingredients in a bowl except dry origanum
Whisk olive oil, zest and lemon juice together (season to taste)
Pour over salad and mix through
Sprinkle dry origanum on top and serve