This Asian influenced Bloody Mary has a warming kick that will cure any hangover. Loaded with microgreens to add in a nutritional boost, it’s a sure fire way to kick start your day after any indulgent Christmas celebration.

Microgreens offer 40% higher concentrations of nutrients than older plants. In fact, of the 25 varieties of microgreens tested by researchers at the US Department of Agriculture Research Service in 2014, microgreens were found to have four to six times more vitamins and phytochemicals in their tiny shoots than mature leaves from the same plant.  “This is because all the nutrients the plant requires to produce a lifetime of fruit and vegetable is contained in the first shoot” comments local producer Shaun Miller, co-founder and director of Urban Micro Greens.  “The trick is to always serve them raw” he points out. ‘’Cooking microgreens depletes them of their nutrients’’.

Among the vitamins and minerals found in high concentration levels in microgreens are Vitamins C, K and E, lutein, beta carotene, phenols and polyphenols, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc and folic acid. Miller says the latest research has placed microgreens into the spotlight as a key vegetable ingredient in meals offering substantial nutritional value; one that boosts fibre and potassium intake.

Here Chef Nardia Adams uses them as both garnish and ingredient, which is the growing trend in restaurants.


  • 1 can of tomato juice
  • Squeeze of lemon quartered
  • Squeeze of lime quartered
  • 1 teaspoon of fresh Galangal – finely crushed (ginger can be a replacement)
  • Teaspoon of tom yum paste
  • Ground black pepper
  • 1 teaspoon of honey or brown sugar
  • Microgreens: basil, celery and mustard


1 shot glass / 25ml of vodka or sake,

Ice cubes to fill the glass – when making ice cubes fill with water and set with microgreens in each cube (basil, celery and mustard),

In a blender, add everything except the ice cubes and blend. Pour blend over the ice cubes, Garnish with a celery stick and chopped microgreen celery.


About Chef Nardia Adams

Chef Nardia Adams has held executive and head chef positions in exclusive 5-Star hotels and restaurants around South Africa, USA and London. She is regularly called on to judge at professional food competitions, as well as to lecture up-and-coming young chefs at local training institutions.

 Adams is also a food and restaurant consultant, having opened a number of restaurants from scratch and has developed her own brand Fudart, which is a customized Food Truck that regularly feature at events and shows around Durban.