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What to do in Jozi

A city transforming
The inner-city never seizes to amaze. The transformation of the city is continuing at a pace, driven primarily by the conversion of disused office and industrial spaces to affordable residential apartments. On the back of this, retail and entertainment businesses are opening all over the city in once empty shopfronts. Recent additions to the city that caught our attention include the Milk Bar – a quirky coffee shop and restaurant right opposite the High Court in Pritchard Street. The Milk Bar is already famous for their facility at Amatuli in Kramerville, but now the city’s law professionals and residents have another inspiring oasis to visit in the city.

Also making inroads in attracting the good-looking and trendy is the Potato Shed at Newtown Junction which is fast becoming a favourite for lunch or dinner before a show at the neighbouring Market Theatre. An uber-cool bar/eatery serving delectable Dim Sum, known as ‘Town’ has also opened in the same centre.

Join a Pubs, Bars & Rooftops tour
JoburgPlaces is offering a whole gamut of inner-city tours during April and May. One of the most popular JoburgPlaces tours covers the Fashion District & Little Addis – an experience more than a historic tour, it includes a walkabout around the Fashion Kapitol, the bargain stores of this area and the nearby Ethiopian Quarter with its great coffee and eateries. The Fashion Kapitol is staging a fantastic fashion show on the day of the tour (Saturday 30 April) so be sure not to miss this one.

On Sunday 1 May, JoburgPlaces offers a walking tour exploring the living spaces of the city: from affordable rental apartments to swanky penthouses with rooftop gardens and swimming pools. Catch a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the inner-city residential community.

In terms of fun-filled, good times, the JoburgPlaces Pubs, Bars & Rooftops Tour takes prime position. Join us on Saturday 14 May for an exploration of the city’s underground bars, historic drinking holes, trendy rooftops, poolside cafes and more. For this tour we rent mini-buses and travel from pub to bar to rooftop. R680 per person including a light lunch and a drinks voucher for five of the six stops.

See www.joburgplaces.com for more information on tours or email Gerald to book.

Celebrate at the Joziburg Lane Festival (27-29 May)
Of course the talk of town is the current development underway of the Joziburg Lane at One Eloff. What once was a Rolls Royce dealership and later OK Bazaars (at the bottom of Eloff Street next to the M2 highway) has been transformed into loft-style rental apartments by Geoff Jardine of Molten Black. Currently under construction is the ground floor retail level which will include a bargain-style shopping centre, office pods and event spaces to open later this year.

Also part of the One Eloff project is the Joziburg Lane: an outdoor alleyway transformed into a pedestrianised street with coffee shops, eateries and retail spaces. The Joziburg Lane culminates in the Joziburg Foodhall where scrumptious meals and food products will be on offer, while the Jozibrug Tasting Bar will set the scene for food-and-drinks pairing. While the Joziburg Lane will only open in August permanently, Johannesburg can look forward to the first glimpse with a pop-up event from 27-29 May 2016. The Joziburg Lane Festival will bring a wide selection of food-and-drinks traders as well as art, craft and design to this street festival. Visitors can look forward to a lively scene with many music and performance activities along the lane, combined with truly exceptional taste experiences.

Keep an eye on Joziburg Lane for information and updates.

Some of the traders at the Joziburg Lane include Oe Mammie, Fusion Foods, Fashion Shack, Jite, Makoshom, Prawn Stars, Chef Papi, Cramers Coffee, Crumb & Crust, Cadillac Jack, Parano, Zombi Chefs, Bullcook & Beer Bikes, Brand Dogs, BM Biltong, Willow Coffee, MWB Eyeware, Three Curls, Baroka Fasions and Soweto Game Skin.